Biomedical Research Institute 

Biomedical Research Institute is a leading medical research and training institute in Darfur region, in the western of Sudan.

Our mission is to promote the applicable excellent research in Darfur region using up to date administrative and technical procedures and informatics

Our objectives are to improve community service and applied research that responds to development needs; to find research expertise’s officer for local sustainable development and promotion of community service; and to consolidate the partnership and collaboration with distinct research institutes locally, regionally and internationally.

The institute includes many research groups such as Genetics and Genomics, Neurosciences, Stem cells Biology, Cancer & Epigenetic’s, Infectious Diseases, Immunology, Developmental Biology, Obesity and Diabetes, Informatics and Computing Science

Informatics and Computing Science

Chairperson: Ibrahim Hussein Musa, MSc Email: Tel:

Darfur University College Publications

109. Abdulfatai Tijjani, Bashir Salim, Marcos Vinicius Barbosa da Silva, H

Obesity and Diabetes

Chairperson: Abdelkareem Abdallah Ahmed Abdallah, PhD Associate Professor

Developmental Biology

Chairperson: Gaffar Suleman Fedail, PhD Associate Professor Email: jfedail


Chairperson: Hassan Hussein Musa, PhD Professor Email: hassantahir70@hotma

Infectious Diseases

Chairperson: Taha Hussein Musa, PhD Assistant Professor Email: taha.h@duc.

Stem cells Biology

Chairperson: Nihad Alsadig Babiker, PhD Assistant Professor Tel: 00249-915

Cancer & Epigenetics

Chairperson: AbdelKareem Abdalla Ahmed, PhD Associate Professor Email: kar


Chairperson: Mohamed Abdel-Rahman Arbab, MD. Ph. D Professor E-mail: moham

Genetics and Genomics

Chairperson: Hassan Hussein Musa, PhD Professor Email: hassantahir70@hotma