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Darfur University College is considered to be one of the best outstanding colleges in Nyala South Darfur state for the various programs that are provided and the qualified faculties.

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“The best of all things is to learn. Money can be lost or stolen, health and strength may fail, but what you have committed to your mind is yours forever”

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DUC University College

To train and provide competent doctors and health scientists in different scientific fields who are able to pursue further specializations and respond to the changing health care needs and expectations of the Sudanese community.

To create a scholarly environment to apply updated research using the appropriate administrative, technical procedures and informatics.

To support and provide the necessary tools for innovations,

To contribute in economy knowledge building and sustainable development through training of personnel cadre in different scientific areas that responds to the needs of stake holders and to provide social service, applicable excellent research using up to date administrative and technical procedures and informatics

DUC aspires to be a leading national and internationally accredited college, prominent in medical education, advancement in biomedical sciences and health research supporting the sustainable development in Sudan and contributing in building the community of knowledge.”

This is to be achieved by adopting innovative medical education which stands on problem-based learning, community-based and community oriented, self-directed and student centered education.

Development of educational procedures in all specialties and support sources of education and educational environment.

Improvement of community service and applied research that responds to development needs.

To find research expertise’s office for local sustainable development and promotion of community service.

Consolidation of partnership and collaboration with distinct research institutes locally, regionally and internationally.

Graduation of students who have updated leadership capabilities in all scientific specialities.   


Honesty: conduct tasks with dedication, confidence and trust with respect to professional morals and ethics.

Quality: To apply the highest quality standards in all duties that excels its service and products.

Talent: DUC provides the appropriate environment that enhances the talented thinking, creativity and innovations.

Team work: The college encourages the concept of team work and collaboration.

Scientific independence: The college encourages modern scientific imitative that benefit and integrate with others

Transparency and Accountability.

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If you have any inquiries please don’t hesitate in reaching us out by dropping a message to our email, we take care of all your concerns.

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