Message from Dean

“Darfur University College (DUC) was established in 2018 in Nyala City to serve the community, and to link education with the requirements of development and make it more relevant to human and environmental needs. Our mission is to achieve excellence in education and scientific research, build human civilization, support the inherent spiritual values, develop expertise and skills in different areas.

Darfur is the region of the western Sudan, covers an area of 493,180 square kilometers. It is largely a semi-arid plateau with the Marrah Mountains a range of volcanic peaks rising up to 3,042 meters (9,980 ft) of topographic prominence in the center of the region. As an administrative region, Darfur is divided into five federal states, Central Darfur, East Darfur, North Darfur, South Darfur and West Darfur. The region's main towns are Al Fashir, Geneina and Nyala. Nyala has terminus ends for both road and railway, and also has a domestic airport, Nyala Airport. Nyala serves as a trading place of gum Arabic and has branches of many Banks, and apublic University of Nyala.

DUC host Medicine and Surgery, Dental Medicine and Surgery, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Nursing, Business Managment and English Language programs. Our programs, and courses were aligning with established international standards.

Research is an integral part of the academic environment at DUC. DUC is advancing its goal to become a leader in biomedical research in Darfur, Sudan and global, through the Biomedical Research Institute.
We are proud of our close relationship with the public and private sector, where we had launched a number of MoUs and collaborative agreements that benefit our students, faculty, and the College.

I encourage you to visit our website to understand more about DUC mission, vision, programs, our growing infrastructures and facilities.”

Hassan Hussein Musa

our Mission

To train and provide competent doctors and health scientists in different scientific fields who are able to pursue further specializations and respond to the changing health care needs and expectations of the Sudanese community.

To create a scholarly environment to apply updated research using the appropriate administrative, technical procedures and informatics.

To support and provide the necessary tools for innovations,

To contribute in economy knowledge building and sustainable development through training of personnel cadre in different scientific areas that responds to the needs of stake holders and to provide social service, applicable excellent research using up to date administrative and technical procedures and informatics

our Goals

Development of educational procedures in all specialties and support sources of education and educational environment.

Improvement of community service and applied research that responds to development needs.

To find research expertise’s office for local sustainable development and promotion of community service.

Consolidation of partnership and collaboration with distinct research institutes locally, regionally and internationally.

Graduation of students who have updated leadership capabilities in all scientific specialities.   

our Vision

DUC aspires to be a leading national and internationally accredited college, prominent in medical education, advancement in biomedical sciences and health research supporting the sustainable development in Sudan and contributing in building the community of knowledge.”

This is to be achieved by adopting innovative medical education which stands on problem-based learning, community-based and community oriented, self-directed and student centered education.


  • Best Medical University in Nyala
  • Providing a variety of different Colleges
  • Experienced Faculties
  • High Quality Education
  • Latest Updates of Syllabus
  • Well Equipped Laboratories
  • Having Different Students Activities

Why Choosing DUC?