Abdel Azeem Adam Omar Naheed, PhD

Assistant Professor; Business Administration  

Academic Affairs Secretariat

Darfur University College

Nyala, Sudan

Tel: 00249-912467586

Email: azeem.naheed13@gmail.com

Dr. Abdelazeem Adam Omer received his Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Bakhtalruda (2002), Master from University of Nyala (2010) and PhD from Omdurman Islamic University (2016). He trained in Scientific Research Methodology at University of Khartoum 2010, in developing and building of digital stores management system Sudanese universities as model, and in Standard and administrative planning at kimsykmo Istanbul (Turkey 2013). Attended workshop on Evaluation workshop in application of national standard criteria, and electronic application evaluation ministry of higher education, University of Algeneina 2017. Dr. Abdelazeem currently he is director of Admission and Registries bureau in academic affairs University of Nyala Since 2003.